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Dead Tree Media Draft Review: Stacy Coley

We take a look at the first of Minnesota’s four seventh-round picks in this year’s draft.

Miami v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We’re getting to the end of the Dead Tree Media draft review for this year, as we’re finally into the Minnesota Vikings’ picks in the seventh round. Up first is the player that was the initial pick in the seventh round, Miami (FL) wide receiver Stacy Coley.

Coley was the second wide receiver that the Vikings selected on draft weekend, having selected South Florida receiver Rodney Adams in the fifth round. Unfortunately, we’re only going to get one scouting report for Coley. The draft guide from Athlon Sports went 28 wide receivers deep and did not include Coley as one of their players to watch, so the only look we have this time is the guide from Lindy’s Football.

Lindy’s had Coley as their #19 wide receiver prospect in this year’s draft, and has a 4th/5th round grade on him. So, at least in their eyes, the Vikings got some pretty good value with Coley falling all the way to the 219th overall selection. Here’s what their scouting report looks like.

In Our View: Coley will be taken by a team looking to add some depth and speed to the position, likely with hopes of him earning playing time as a deep threat at some point in his rookie season. It’s possible he will first have to earn his way as a returner/special teamer. If he can add some muscle/strength without losing any of his borderline elite speed, Coley has the potential to develop into a solid No. 2 receiver, with the quickness and route-running ability to also play out of the slot.

Strengths: He is an outstanding athlete at the position, with speed that defensive backs must respect. Another impressive ability is how he tracks the ball over his shoulder, able to control his body, adjust, and make the catch. He is a good route-runner, especially on curls and comeback routes. Great effort and hustle, seen sprinting downfield to throw a block to help a teammate extend a play and score.

Weaknesses: Coley’s biggest weakness is his less-than-ideal strength. He tends to struggle with contested catches, beating press-man jams and holding his blocks on the edge. He does not high-point the ball on fade routes, making him less of a threat in the red zone. He also attracts too much yellow cloth for a receiver, with several false starts and holding penalties. There is also the durability concern, given his thin frame and injury history prior to 2016.

Grade: 5.8

I wasn’t sure about the “injury history” that they were talking about, but from his profile on the Miami (FL) website, all that’s mentioned is a hamstring injury that he dealt with in 2015. I’m not sure if that’s enough to make for a “durability concern,” but apparently Lindy’s thinks that it is. also mentions a shoulder injury that he had in 2014.

Coley might have an uphill battle ahead of him to make the roster, and if it comes down to him and Adams for a spot on the roster, it’s going to depend on what the Vikings value more, I think. Coley might be the better receiver at this point, thanks to his route-running ability, but Adams might be better suited to slot into Cordarrelle Patterson’s old spot as a kickoff returner and gimmick play guy. But, there’s a long way to go before the team has to make that determination.

We’ll continue with the Dead Tree Media draft review over the next couple of days, folks.