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Former Viking Michael Bennett Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

He’s headed back to the big house.

St. Louis Rams v Minnesota Vikings

On a day when we move on to a new look, we get a bit of a blast from the past with a name that a lot of Minnesota Vikings fans probably haven’t thought of in a while.

Former Vikings’ running back Michael Bennett was sentenced to five years in prison last night after pleading guilty to felony charges of burglary, identity theft and attempted theft from an elderly adult exceeding $100,000.

According to the San Jose Mercury-News:

Bennett was arrested in 2015 after the parents of his then-girlfriend discovered a loan had been taken out against their home. Bennett ​had obtained a $225,000 loan by stealing personal information from the parents and then forging documents.

This will be Bennett’s second trip to the hoosegow, as he wound up there back in 2012 (along with former New York Giants defensive lineman William Joseph) thanks to some identity theft, wire fraud, and tax fraud action.

Bennett was drafted 27th overall by the Vikings in the 2001 NFL Draft. The team needed a replacement for the retired Robert Smith in the backfield, and thought that Bennett could be that guy. He had an okay second season in 2002, rushing for 1,296 yards, but that was pretty much the high point for him. He also set an NFL record that year by being the first running back to have a run of at least 60 yards in three consecutive games, a record that I believe he’s still the sole holder of.

The Vikings cut Bennett after the 2005 season, and he bounced around to several teams after that. He was out of the league by 2011. . .and in jail by 2012.

So, kids. . .fraud is bad, mmm-kay? Not just masquerading as an NFL running back, but actual fraud where you steal things from people and stuff. Try not to do that sort of thing.