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Jaleel Johnson Signs Rookie Contract

He becomes the third Vikings’ draftee to sign

NCAA Football: Iowa at Northwestern Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

In the cult classic film Airheads, when the members of the band the movie is centered around reveal the name of their band is “The Lone Rangers,” it’s pointed out that there’s three of them. . .they’re not exactly lone.

In the case of the Minnesota Vikings, since it was reported that wide receiver Rodney Adams “went rogue” to sign his rookie contract with the team, two more draftees have put pen to paper as well. I’m guessing that means they’re not exactly “rogue.”

On Friday, defensive tackle Jaleel Johnson became the third Vikings’ draftee to sign his rookie contract.

Johnson, a defensive tackle out of Iowa, was the first of Minnesota’s two fourth-round selections on draft weekend, being taken at #109 overall. He led the Hawkeyes in sacks in 2016 from the defensive tackle spot, and it’s thought that he’s going to have an opportunity to make a contribution on defense right away with the uncertainty that the team has at that position.

Again, you have to wonder if this contract language that the NFLPA apparently took exception to is really that big a deal. I’m guessing that, if it was, these players wouldn’t be signing. Or perhaps the Vikings changed the offending language and that just hasn’t been brought to everyone’s attention yet.

In any case, the purple are finally getting their rookies under contract, which can only be considered a good thing.