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We Have Three New Writers

We strive to bring you the best, and that’s what we’re doing.

First off, I want to thank everyone that sent in applications and expressions of interest in being a part of our team. We received a ton of applications, and we will be holding on to all of those for reference in the future. We might even still be contacting some folks to contribute in a lesser role (such as a weekly article) or something, but for now we have three new writers to introduce to you.

The three people that have been selected are all veterans of the Minnesota Vikings’ blogosphere, and will be outstanding additions to the writers we already have. This means even more high quality Vikings content for your reading pleasure. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

Our first new addition is Sarita Kelly, who has previously provided content for Vikings Digital Diaries. She was also a part of the “mega podcast” that a number of Vikings’ bloggers (including about half the DN staff) participated in prior to the Monday Night game against the Giants last season. You can follow her on the Twitter machine at @skell10.

Next we have another alum from Vikings Digitial Diaries (as well as a few other sites) in Yinka Ayinde. Yinka was on the pre-draft episode of Roughing the Podcast with Ted and Di, and you can find him on a few other sites as well. You can also find him on the Twitter machine at @SaxyPrince.

Our final new writer is someone you’re probably familiar with from our FanPosts, the man known as Luft Krigare. He’s run his own site in the past, and we’ve finally gotten him back into the game of writing regularly. We’re anticipating this return from retirement to go much better than some we’ve seen in the past. You can follow him on Twitter at @Luft_Krigare.

Again, if you submitted an application and did not get selected right away, do not be discouraged. We are likely not done adding people, and we might be getting in contact with some of you for a smaller contributing role. Thank you once again to everyone that put in their applications and expressed interest in becoming a part of our team.