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Sharrif Floyd Optimistic About Playing In 2017

He missed nearly all of last year and is, apparently, still not quite ready

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

After a strange and disappointing 2016 season, Minnesota Vikings’ defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd is showing some optimism when it comes to getting back on the field for 2017.

Though Floyd wasn’t participating in Organized Team Activities, he’s been watching the action at Winter Park and answering questions about his status.

“I think the situation definitely humbled me,” Floyd said. “It can be taken from me at any moment. I’m just looking forward to getting back out there and enjoying the game I love so dearly.”

. . .

“I feel like progress is being made,” Floyd said. “It’s just taking its sweet old time.”

Floyd played in last year’s season opener against the Tennessee Titans, and then had a procedure done on his knee. During that surgery, he reportedly suffered some nerve damage that caused his quadriceps to not “fire” properly, leading to him missing the remainder of the season. The strange part was that the team did not put Floyd on injured reserve until very late in the season, so apparently they thought he was going to come around at some point.

Because Floyd was not able to pass a physical by the start of the league year, the team was forced to honor the fifth-year option that they had picked up the previous offseason, guaranteeing Floyd a $6.75 million salary for this season. The fifth-year option is only guaranteed to players in the case of injuries like Floyd’s. Not that the team was going to cut him, presumably, but the injury took that option off the table in any case.

I would love to see Sharrif Floyd get back out on the field for the 2017 season. He’s been a solid player for the Vikings when he’s been on the field, and since this is the final year of his contract, he’s going to be looking for his next deal, whether that’s with Minnesota or another team.

Will Sharrif Floyd be ready to go when the Vikings congregate for Training Camp in Mankato in a little less than two months? We’ll just have to wait and see.