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Vikings Wouldn’t Take A Financial Hit If They Cut Michael Floyd

He doesn’t have any guaranteed money in his contract

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The one-year deal that wide receiver Michael Floyd signed with the Minnesota Vikings a couple of weeks ago was filled with incentives that could have given him a pretty nice payout if he had a big season in 2017. Now that his season might be in doubt, there’s another aspect of the deal that would likely be more appealing to the team’s fans.

According to Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Floyd’s contract has zero guaranteed money. So, if the story that surfaced earlier today turns out to be accurate, the Vikings could cut Floyd loose without incurring any sort of salary cap hit.

The contract that Floyd signed wasn’t terribly extravagant or anything, but if it turns out that he’s violated his house arrest, the team would likely have to release him, and they could potentially use that money to turn their attention to another receiver. I know a lot of people immediately thought of Eric Decker, but there hasn’t been any connection or any contact between him and the Vikings that anyone has reported to this point.

But, in the event that Michael Floyd will be on his way out the door before even getting to Training Camp with the Vikings, the team’s finances won’t be taking any sort of hit as a result.