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Coach Mike Zimmer May Hand Off Defense Play Calling To George Edwards

There is no official word but Zimmer is already taking a more hands on approach with the offense.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer’s days of play calling for the defense could be coming to an end this season. He is contemplating turning over those duties to defensive coordinator George Edwards. Edwards already has some experience in the play calling area, as he took over for Zimmer when he was out last season for the Dallas Cowboys game.

Zimmer is already taking a more hands on approach with the team this season, especially the offense. He is sitting in on their meetings and is focusing on getting the players into the end zone. He has made more plays centered on the them being on the 20-yard line and is having them practice from third down to hurry up and short yardage.

No one knows for sure how much control Zimmer will give up if he gives up any. While there has been no official word that this will happen, there is a possibility that Edwards could call a preseason game and if Zimmer is impressed they’ll go from there.