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Laquon Treadwell: Reclamation Part 3

Laquon Treadwell is showing visible improvement in year 2 with the Vikings.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Camp Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Laquon Treadwell

Speaking of reclamation project, Laquon Treadwell had to be one of the biggest first round disappointments in the history of not only the Minnesota Vikings but the entire NFL. Being highly touted out of college, [and I must confess my preferred selection at the point he was drafted with who was already off the board], his rookie season was a complete and utter failure. At least T.J. Clemmings was more productive and was at least on the field. When you are a first round draft choice and you only receive three targets and catch just one of them, that is the definition of terrible. A buddy of mine even nicknamed him Tree Stump because he was as effective as a tree stump in the middle of a football field. This year, so far the reporting and feelings coming out of Winter Park seem to be that he has regained his health and confidence and is starting to play like the receiver we thought he actually might be. There is even a movement of people trying to get on the Treadwell bandwagon. ...And there is some visual evidence of it.

Having a little geek in me, I enjoy the superhero movies that have been coming out over the last few decades, and there is one that I saw here recently that I think Laquon fits a character to the T. In Guardians of the Galaxy II to we see a little baby Groot growing up. [Awesome movie too.] That is sort of what I feel we are seeing with Treadwell right now.

Chris Tomasson had a good article on him today after observing him and OTA’s. He got to interview the young receiver and asked him about last season and how fans feel about him.

“(The talk) doesn’t irk me at all because I go out there every day and I know what I can do and I see my potential and I see everything right in front of me, so I don’t really worry about the naysayers,” Treadwell said.

He does have confidence in himself.

“I believe a lot of things are going to happen that nobody expects from me,” he said.

And it has been showing up on the field.

Tomasson also asked him about the signing of Michael Floyd, and he replied,

“Honestly, I didn’t think anything; just kind of took it for what it was,” Treadwell said of last month’s move. “The coaches addressed me before they signed him and told me, ‘Just keep working hard and getting better.’

“My future depends on me, what I do on the field, so I can’t really worry about (Floyd).”

Asked about his goals, he said that he had a lot of them but the first one was, “Catch more passes.” He said that laughing. As Vikings fans we all hope that is the case and that he turns from that immobile Tree Stump into an effective receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, and in other words, we hope to watch a baby Groot grow up in front of our eyes.

When he scores his first regular season touchdown, even though I am very much for the “act like you’ve been there” approach, I do hope he celebrates by doing the baby Groot dance.

The baby Groot dance

Happy Friday everyone. Stay safe and have a great weekend. SKOL!