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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: 80s Recap

Another collection of ten numbers is in the books. Let’s look back at them.

Vikings v Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We’ve made it through another ten numbers in our Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers series, as the 80s have come and gone. Let’s take a look back at who was the recipient for each of the numbers in purple history.

#80: Cris Carter, WR

#81: Carl Eller, DE

#82: Kyle Rudolph, TE

#83: Steve Jordan, TE

#84: Randy Moss, WR

#85: Sammy White, WR

#86: Jake Reed, WR

#87: Leo Lewis, WR

#88: Alan Page, DT

#89: Jerry Reichow, TE

The 80s have actually been pretty good to the Vikings, with three Hall of Famers in Carter, Eller, and Page, and a future Hall of Famer in Moss (depending on how long they make him wait). That’s pretty solid, not to mention the rest of the fairly solid players that have worn numbers in the 80s for the purple and gold.

Our trip through the 70s will kick off here later on today.