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Daily Norseman on the Chase Thomas Podcast

Eric Thompson of Daily Norseman joined Chase Thomas to talk about the latest NFL news and discuss the Vikings’ chances in 2017.

While the NBA has rightfully been dominating the headlines this week, (Jimmy Butler, you guys!) there is never a shortage of NFL news to talk about. Even though mini-camps are a wrap and we’re still a month away from Training Camp, football is an evergreen conversation topic.

I hopped on the Chase Thomas Podcast with—well, Chase Thomas of course, from FanBuzz—to go over the latest happenings in the NFL. We started with some discussion of how the Jeremy Maclin signing could help the Baltimore Ravens, who Chase believes could make some noise in the AFC. From there we tried (in vain) to figure out what the heck it is that the New York Jets are doing. We also discussed who the Super Bowl favorites could be in each conference. I’m high on the NFC South (a division the Vikings play this season) and Chase is incredibly low on the Cowboys this season.

Of course, no conversation with a Daily Norseman writer would be complete without plenty of Vikings talk. After some brief obligatory “Do you think the Vikings should sign Colin Kaepernick?” and “Will Teddy Bridgewater play in 2017?” discussions, we mulled over Minnesota’s prospects for the season. Remarkably, Chase (a Falcons fan) might higher on the Vikings’ chances this year than I am! We wrapped up by discussing everything that would need to go right for the Vikings to dictate a successful season.

My segment starts at the 30-minute mark. If you’re interested in some excellent Major League Baseball talk, you also can listen to the first segment with Nick Stellini of Fangraphs. You can listen to the entire podcast on iTunes here or use the direct link here. Enjoy!