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New Strength And Conditioning Coach Mark Uyeyama Comes With High Praise

Former boss Chip Kelly called him “cutting edge”

San Francisco 49ers 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

The strength and conditioning head coach position with the Minnesota Vikings has seen its fair share of people in the past four years. With the more recent head coach, Brent Salazar leaving for the U.S. Tennis Association four days ago. But Minnesota has already named a new coach, Mark Uyeyama to the position and he comes with high praise.

Matt Vensel of the Star Tribune has reported that Uyeyama’s former boss, former 49ers and Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has said that Uyeyama is “a mad scientist” and that nickname comes with purpose, he likes to blend technology and science to make sure the players are up to par.

Kelly and Uyeyama were let go once the 49ers hired Kyle Shanahan who “wanted to go in a different direction.”

But before being let go Kelly said this, “Uye, our strength coach, they’re cutting-edge guys that have been on top of everything, so there wasn’t anything I brought here that they weren’t already doing or had already tried and moved on to other things. Those guys are pretty good.”

Uyeyama was with the 49ers for nine seasons. He started as the assistant strength and conditioning coach, then to head coach in 2015 he was named the director of human performance.