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Report: Vikings Stand Behind Michael Floyd Kombucha Tea Defense

COO Kevin Warren says Minnesota “encouraged” Floyd to drink the tea

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

According to Brain Williams of the Pioneer Press, the Minnesota Vikings are standing behind wide receiver Michael Floyd in his claim that the kombucha tea he drank was the reason he violated his house arrest.

Vikings chief operating officer Keven Warren wrote a letter to Floyd’s attorney Robert Feinberg, which was copied to Scottsdale City Judge Statia Hendrix, to reinstate the last five days of Floyd’s house arrest because he did not know that the kombucha tea contained alcohol. Warren stated in the email that, “I am writing to request Mr. Floyd not have his court mandated requirements negatively impacted since he did not know the kombucha tea he ingested contained alcohol.”

Floyd has said that the Vikings have encouraged their players to drink the tea because it is considered a health drink and that they have it “on tap” at Winter Park. Warren also said that the tea is, “utilized by professional athletes as a probiotic and is available at out facility on a daily basis.”

The Vikings have also hired Doctor Thomas L Bennett, a forensic medicine and pathology Dr. to back up their claim about kombucha tea. He wrote that Floyd’s breath alcohol levels of .044-.055%. Bennett said, “…are achievable and consistent with ingesting kombucha, in the circumstances and time frames as Michael Floyd described.” He also states that, “This living and dynamic beverage, kept at room temperature, will continue to change during storage. Alcohol is a natural and expected component of this process.”

Feinberg also included a 2015 report from the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau that is a warning to the makers of kombucha tea that it contained too much alcohol and would face fines if they did not “reformulate their drinks.”

Feinberg is asking Judge Hendrix to consider Bennett’s report, Floyd’s affidavit and additional information to dismiss Monday’s hearing and let Floyd finish the last five days of his house arrest. If not, Floyd will be facing jail time.