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Michael Floyd Due In Court Monday At 3:30 PM Central

A judge in Scottsdale will hear his explanation for his failed alcohol test

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Kombuchamania will finally come to a head today, as Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver Michael Floyd will be in a courtroom in Scottsdale, Arizona to explain to a judge why a series of recent alcohol tests came back with a BAC between .044 and .055.

It was ten days ago when TMZ originally reported that Floyd had failed several tests for alcohol during his house arrest. One of the conditions of his house arrest was that Floyd not consume any alcohol at all, and the positive tests came on Day 91 of what was supposed to be 96 days of house arrest.

In a mild shock. . .at least, it came as a shock to this writer. . .the Vikings came out over the weekend and said that they supported Floyd’s story, saying that they encouraged Floyd to drink the Kombucha tea that Floyd claims led to his elevated BAC.

If the judge in this afternoon’s hearing doesn’t believe Floyd’s story, it would be considered a violation of his house arrest and could very well lead to Floyd being put back in jail. I’m not sure how long a time period Floyd would end up being in jail for if that ended up being the case, but I’m sure we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

Again, Floyd is scheduled to be in court at 3:30 PM Central time (or 1:30 PM Arizona time) for his hearing. As soon as we find out more about what’s happening, we will bring it to you here.