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Kombuchamania Ends With Floyd Getting One Day In Jail

Kind of a whole lot of hand wringing about nothing, in the end

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
It’s a picture of Floyd in a Patriots uniform because we’ve been using the same two pictures of him from mini-camp over and over. Yeah.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After much speculation and hand wringing, Kombuchamania. . .because calling it Kombuchagate would be freaking lazy. . .ended not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd was sentenced on Monday to one additional day in jail and five more days of house arrest (which he will serve in Arizona) after a violation of his previous house arrest. All of this stemmed from a case of “extreme DUI” that Floyd was arrested for last year when he was still a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

According to Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, prosecutors had planned to demand that Floyd serve out the rest of his jail time. . .he spent 24 of a potential 120 days in jail and was allowed to serve the rest on house arrest, even being allowed to transfer that to Minnesota following the Vikings signing him.

“It appears he’s in violation and he should be ordered to serve the rest of his jail time,” city prosecutor Caron Close told the Pioneer Press before Monday’s hearing. “The deal he made really gave him special considerations by letting him transfer out of state to continue his career.”

Vikings’ COO Kevin Warren wrote a defense of Floyd, saying that Floyd did not know that the Kombucha he was drinking contained alcohol. Warren also stated that the beverage is one that many athletes utilize as a probiotic, and that it is available at the facility on a daily basis.

After all of this, it appears that Floyd is going to be ready to go for Training Camp when it gets underway in Mankato late next month. We still have no word on what sort of discipline he’s going to be facing from the National Football League or how this incident is going to affect it, if at all. Hopefully the Vikings will get word on that sooner rather than later so that they can make whatever plans they need to.