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The Film Room Breaks Down Dalvin Cook

If you’re not already excited, you will be

Capitol One Orange Bowl - Florida State v Michigan Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We’ve featured the work of our friend Brett Kollmann here before. Brett is the lead blogger at our Houston Texans’ site, Battle Red Blog, and has also produced some pretty outstanding film breakdowns, including one on Harrison Smith that we put up here some time ago.

Well, now we’ve found one that he put together about the player that might be the centerpiece addition to the Minnesota Vikings this offseason, running back Dalvin Cook. Sure, he put the video together back in February, but really. . .did anyone think that the Vikings were going to have a chance at drafting Cook back then?

Kollmann, like a lot of other draft pundit types, is pretty high on Cook’s talent. In fact, you’ll hear him invoke some pretty incredible names when making comparisons to Cook. . .names like Arian Foster, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Marshall Faulk. That’s a couple of Hall of Famers and a guy who, when he was healthy, was pretty damn good.

While Kollmann had Cook ranked behind LSU’s Leonard Fournette in his running back rankings in this year’s class, he does point out that, in the right scheme, Cook could easily outproduce Fournette in terms of yardage and appears to be a Pro Bowl-caliber running back “right out of the box.”

So yeah. . .if you weren’t already excited about the prospects of Dalvin Cook in the Vikings’ offense, you probably will be after watching this.

(Hat tip to the folks from the Minnesota Vikings’ Reddit for bringing this video to everyone’s attention.)