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NFL allowing liquor commercials - Will the Vikings take advantage?

The NFL has allowed liquor commercials, so how will the Minnesota Vikings take advantage of it?

Minnesota Vikings tailgaters
Tailgating and game party ideas sponsored now by liquor advertisements
Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

The Vikings could make some money here…

There was a little tidbit of news that came out on Saturday the probably has the Vikings PR department wondering, “how did we miss this?”, or at least the marketing department wondering, “how can we make money from this?” I am referring to a story written by Michael David Smith over at Pro Football Talk.

The NFL has approved commercials for hard liquor. We’ve had beer commercials for decades, but the NFL did not allow hard liquor commercials until this upcoming season. It now can be up to four commercials per game. There are a few stipulations, firstly that it cannot be football themed, and secondly that it must have a responsible drinking message within it. That being the case, I was thinking who might the Vikings approach or be approached by, to advertise their product?

The NFL did not stipulate that these products couldn’t be mascot related, so I went on a little search via the inter-webs to dig up some potential product endorsements. The recipes made with these products would be instant classics at tailgating and game watching parties, so what should we get?

To prime you for the first quarter, we start with VikingFjord vodka. Their motto is: Cold brings us together. Their elixir is made from premium potato vodka and from crystal clear glacial waters of Norway made by people who conquered the cold. That sounds like Minnesotans too.

VIKINGFJORD vodka made in Norway

If it is really cold, we can always go with Viking Schnapps Loki. When Loki is involved, you know there is fun and mischief nearby. Here’s a schnapps made directly from the Viking island of Iceland.

Viking Schnaps Loki made in Iceland

There is also the centuries old Aquavit which comes from the Scandinavian region and some parts of northern Germany and is not so different from your favorite vodka or gin. It is distilled from grain or potato and commonly flavored with caraway as its dominant spice, but also includes other spices such as dill, fennel, coriander, citrus and anise.

This creation is also where we get a partial history of SKOL! The Old Norse toast associated with aquavit originated with the Vikings. Skaal (or skoal) is now the standard toast that’s shouted when drinking aquavit, a cheers that references a small drinking cup or bowl that the Vikings used. When lifting your glass to give a skaal, it’s traditional to maintain eye contact. This custom stems from the Viking sensibility of keeping your eye on others (and potential threats) at all times, even during a celebration. I still think Ted’s explanation is best though.

Aquavit, a centuries old Viking spirit

Then of course, there are the cocktails made with a Viking theme that distillers could use to promote their product. The first is called the Viking. One part Benedictine Dom, one part cognac, and one part dry vermouth served in a very chilled cocktail glass. It is sponsored by Absolut.

The Viking by Absolut

One of my favorite team related cocktails is names the Purple Rain Cocktail. It uses 1.5 oz Smirnoff vodka, 2/3 oz sour raspberry liqueur, 2/3 oz blue Curaçao, a dash of lime cordial and 6 oz cranberry juice served in a chilled cocktail glass with sugar around the rim.

The Purple Reign Cocktail

We all have our favorite meads and ales, but these offerings add a little something extra to your game day celebrations. All of us here at the Daily Norseman encourage that if you partake in these libations, that you are of legal age, and you do so responsibly.

DN’ers, which Viking spirits or drinks could you add to this list?