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5-Yard Line Struggle Takes Center Stage At OTA’s

It was all systems go as offensive and defense look to score in the endzone

The struggle of finding success inside the 5-yard line for the Minnesota Vikings was pushed front and center today at OTA’s as the defense and offense squared off.

While the defense had trouble keeping teams out of the end zone towards the end of the season, it is the offense that had struggled the most and that is something that everyone on this team isn’t happy about, so fixing it has moved to the top of priority list.

The Vikings had the ball 22 times inside their opponent’s 5-yard line but only scored 14 touchdowns. And if that isn’t bad enough they had two turnovers on downs and turned the ball over twice even though they were yards away from scoring.

And even when Minnesota did manage to score, it took multiple times and many of those times came with costly penalties.

But despite these issues coach Zimmer is hopeful about his team and what he saw today, “That’s why I like this football team so much, if you talk to them about being inside the 5-yard line and things that are going to happen and things that we’ve got to do, they’re going to come out here and work on it. It may not be perfect, but they’re going to try and work on the things that we want to get accomplished.”