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Should the Vikings be concerned?

Security concerns for the Vikings game in London

Minnesota Vikings in London
Viktor the Viking dressed as a Queen’s Guardsman
Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

With the threat level in England going to its highest level, NFL owners and players are starting to get a little concerned. For the 2017 season there are four game schedule between weeks 3 and 8 to include our own Minnesota Vikings visiting the Cleveland Browns at Twickenham Stadium in the southwest side of London. Gatherings at large events like football games present optimal target opportunities for terrorists, and combine that with the significant amount of Americans that attend these events, teams, and I’m sure NFL security, are wondering what they can do to increase the safety around the games.

There’s even some Minnesota Vikings players that voiced their concern today in an article done by Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Jarius Wright said today when asked about it and following the latest attack were 7 people were killed at least 48 injured.

“To be honest, there is a little concern. You never know what can happen. I feel [the terrorists] always look for big events.” He later continued, “We still have a little time before the game, but it is always a concern in the back of my head.” He is very much aware that the Vikings will be playing in London. “It’s a couple months from now that will be over there, but I’m wondering how that’s going to go for us.”

Adam Thielen, like many players was affected by the recent attacks and commented too.

“My heart goes out to all those affected by that. Obviously, we’re all affected by it. It’s tough to see that around the world. It doesn't matter where it is. The scary part is you just never know.”

Ask about security and he said that he expects a “different level of security”. This ties in with the NFL announcing already their bag policy for those lucky enough to attend the game.

A lot of other players expressed their sympathy for the victims, but felt everything will be pretty much as normal and that there will be enough security in place to keep them safe. Any Vikings fans going to see the game, should go to enjoy it because it can be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

My only question is, what would it take for the NFL to reschedule or move these games? I’ll leave that up to the to the NFL and the Vikings, along with passage of time to make those decisions...if necessary.