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Golden Nugget Gives Odds Of Every Vikings Super Bowl LII Matchup

Yep. Every single one.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

As we get closer to the start of the 2017 NFL regular season, some of the sharps from Vegas have put together a list of all of the potential Super Bowl matchups and what sort of odds you can get if you want to bet on them.

That means that, yes, we know what the experts think of the odds of the Minnesota Vikings finding their way into a matchup with each of the 16 potential AFC opponents. Yes, even the Cleveland Browns.

Some of the pictures from the Golden Nugget might be a little hard to read, but we’re here to summarize all of the potential matchups for you.

According to the odds above, if the Vikings do find their way to Super Bowl LII, the team that will most likely be standing on the other sideline will be the New England Patriots. Golden Nugget gives that matchup a 20-to-1 chance.

The longest of longshots for the Vikings? A Super Bowl date against the New York Jets. The odds of that one happening are 1000-to-1. Yes, even a Vikings/Browns Super Bowl has better odds, being listed at 750-to-1.

Some other potential possibilities:

Super Bowl IV Revenge game (Vikings vs Chiefs) - 125-to-1

Super Bowl VIII Revenge game (Vikings vs Dolphins) - 150-to-1

Super Bowl IX Revenge game (Vikings vs Steelers) - 60-to-1

Super Bowl XI Revenge game (Vikings vs Raiders) - 30-to-1

Mike Zimmer Bowl (Vikings vs Bengals) - 250-to-1

Something’s Gotta Give Bowl (Vikings vs Bills) - 300-to-1

Game We Should Have Gotten In 1998 Bowl (Vikings vs Broncos) - 100-to-1

So, if you want to try to make a little extra cash and you find yourself anywhere near the Golden Nugget, you can toss a couple of dollars on one of these matchups and hope for the best.