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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: 60s Recap

Another ten numbers down, ladies and gentlemen

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We’ve made it through another ten numbers in our Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers series. The 60s are over and done with, so let’s take a look back at who the selections for each of those numbers were.

#60: Roy Winston, LB

#61: Joe Berger, OL

#62: Ed White, G

#63: Kirk Lowdermilk, C

#64: Randall McDaniel, G

#65: Gary Zimmerman, OT

#66: Terry Tausch, G

#67: Grady Alderman, OT

#68: Mike Morris, LS

#69: Jared Allen, DE

Lots of great offensive linemen on this list, as you’d expect for this number range. We did get a couple of outstanding defenders in there as well. . .and, hey, we even managed to get our team a long snapper!

We still have plenty of numbers to go as we make our numerical journey through the history of the Minnesota Vikings and count down to the start of the 2017 NFL regular season. We’ll get the 50s underway here shortly.