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Mike Zimmer Sends Michael Floyd Clear Message

Floyd better hope he’s being honest

NFL: Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

When wide receiver Michael Floyd had a positive alcohol test recently, he chalked the result up to having consumed too much Kombucha, a tea beverage that contains (relatively) minute amounts of alcohol. While we had plenty of fun at Floyd’s expense about the incident, one person who almost certainly wasn’t laughing was Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer.

When Floyd told Zimmer about what had happened, Zimmer sent him a very clear message.

“Do I believe it? I don't know how much tea he drank. I have no clue," Zimmer told Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press. "I don't have any doubt why there'd be skepticism, but he told me that he wasn't [drinking]. That it was legit."

. . .

"I said, 'If I find out you're lying to me, I'm going to cut you,'" Zimmer said.

The fact that a judge in Arizona allowed Floyd to simply finish out his house arrest rather than making him spend any significant time in prison doesn’t appear to mean that Floyd is out of the woods with Zimmer yet, though. After all, there’s nothing that says that something can’t surface after the fact that indicates that Floyd’s positive test might not have stemmed from excessive Kombucha consumption after all.

If Floyd wants to try to stick with the Vikings, and in the NFL in general for the long haul, he’d better hope that he was being totally honest with his head coach, because it certainly doesn’t sound like Mike Zimmer wants to fool around with this.