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CBS Sports Matches The Vikings To A Game Of Thrones Character

Apparently this is a thing

Premiere Of HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 - After Party Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The new season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones is set to kick off on Sunday at 8 PM Central time, and the folks at CBS Sports are getting in on the party. They’ve matched every NFL team with a character from the series, including our Minnesota Vikings.

Their match for the purple? Bran Stark

Not only does Teddy Bridgewater have a last name that makes you think he's already a character in Game of Thrones, but he looked like he could be the hero Minnesota fans had been waiting for – that is, until a gruesome leg injury changed his prospects forever. While Bran will never walk again and Bridgewater may never play, the Vikings soldier on thanks to some help from Benjen Bradford, who we all assumed was dead long ago.

As one of the five people currently residing on the North American continent that has never seen so much as one minute of Game of Thrones, I can confidently state that I have absolutely no idea who the heck Bran Stark is or what the heck CBS Sports is talking about here. Now, if CBS Sports wants to start comparing NFL teams to characters from Wentworth, which is the best damn show on television anywhere in the world, then I can get more critical.

(Oh, and I’m sure there are more than five people that haven’t seen this show. It just seems like everyone else has seen it but me.)

But, I know that a lot of our readers do, in fact, love them some Game of Thrones (or GoT, as the cool kids apparently call it), so I’ll leave the analysis/criticism up to them. Did the folks from CBS Sports get this one right?

If you want to see their entire list. . .warning, it’s a slide show. . .you can check it out here.