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The Vikings’ Ten Biggest Salary Cap Figures For 2017

Who is making all the money for the Vikings this season?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Since we’re looking for things to talk about until the start of Training Camp in a little over a week, we can talk about money. . .specifically, how the Minnesota Vikings are spending theirs for the 2017 season.

According to the good folks from Over the Cap, the Vikings presently have just a shade under $14 million left under their salary cap for the upcoming season. The team’s “Top 51” salaries total approximately $155.8 million, and the ten players with the biggest salary cap hits for the Vikings this season make $82.433 million, which is about 53% of the entire cap for the purple.

Here are the ten players with the biggest salary cap hits for the Vikings in 2017:

  1. Sam Bradford - $18,000,000
  2. Riley Reiff - $8,500,000
  3. Everson Griffen - $8,200,000
  4. Xavier Rhodes - $8,026,000
  5. Harrison Smith - $7,500,000
  6. Linval Joseph - $6,850,000
  7. Kyle Rudolph - $6,800,000
  8. Sharrif Floyd - $6,757,000
  9. Alex Boone - $6,700,000
  10. Mike Remmers - $5,100,000

A few observations about this list:

  • The Vikings could, potentially, lower Bradford’s cap figure for this year if they were compelled to work out some sort of long-term extension with him. That they haven’t, at this point, just points to where the Vikings think Teddy Bridgewater might be with his injury. One would think that if the Vikings had any inkling that Bridgewater wasn’t going to be coming back, they would lock Bradford up for an extended period of time. Then again, one would have expected them to pick up Bridgewater’s fifth-year option as well, but that’s a whole other can of worms. Maybe I’m overthinking this one a bit.
  • Three of the Vikings’ ten highest-paid players are offensive linemen. We’re expecting the offensive line to be improved over last season. For what the team is paying, it damn well better be.
  • Rhodes is playing on his fifth-year option salary, but his cap figure for this season could drop if the team does work out a long-term extension with him. Honestly, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already. I’m not sure what the team is waiting for. . .it’s not as though Rhodes is going to get any cheaper.
  • Harrison Smith is set to make $7.5 million. That sounds like a lot, but considering that he’s probably the NFL’s best safety, he might still be underpaid.
  • Floyd, who is also playing on his fifth-year option, is guaranteed all of his money for this season because he had an injury that hadn’t healed before 1 March. I suppose the team could work out a longer-term deal with him as well, but that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense if they’re anticipating him not playing again.

Is there anything that stands out to you about the highest-paid players for the Minnesota Vikings?