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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: 50s Recap

We just keep plowing our way through the numbers, folks

Minnesota Vikings v Pittsburgh Steelers
E.J. didn’t actually make the list, but we can use him as our recap picture anyway. He deserves that much.
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

We’ve made it through another set of ten in our Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers series, as we have completed the 50s. Let’s take a look back at who was given the title of best player to wear each number in that group, with links back to all the stories.

#50: Jeff Siemon, LB

#51: Jim Hough, OL

#52: Chad Greenway, LB

#53: Mick Tingelhoff, C

#54: Fred McNeill, LB

#55: Scott Studwell, LB

#56: Chris Doleman, DE

#57: Mike Merriweather, LB

#58: Wally Hilgenberg, LB

#59: Matt Blair, LB

Not surprisingly, seven of the ten players in the 50s played the linebacker position. We did manage to get a couple of offensive linemen in there for good measure, as well as a defensive end.

This also means we’re over halfway through our numerical journey through Minnesota Vikings history. We will start off the 40s here in just a little bit with the number 49.