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Work To Begin On U.S. Bank Stadium Panels

Apparently a few of the panels are loose and causing leaks

NFL: Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

There’s work that needs to be done on U.S. Bank Stadium.

According to Fox 9 in the Twin Cities, some of the panels that are attached to the exterior of the best stadium in the National Football League are loose, and that is allowing water to leak into the stadium’s interior.

Work will start on the stadium on Monday, and it will involve about 3,000 of the 40,000 panels attached to the stadium. The costs will be picked up by the construction company, and will take about 12 weeks to complete. The work should not disrupt any of the events scheduled to take place at the stadium during that time.

The senior vice president of Mortenson Construction released a statement on the situation, which reads as follows:

“U.S. Bank Stadium has completed its first year of operation. During this time, Mortenson has worked closely with the MSFA to monitor aspects of the building’s performance. As previously communicated, there is a limited area of the stadium’s exterior enclosure – less than 10 percent – that is not performing as intended and where design and construction enhancements need to be made.

"Mortenson and M.G. McGrath, one of the trade contractors responsible for the exterior enclosure, are making these necessary enhancements. Work will begin on Monday, July 24, and will be targeted at specific locations and primarily involve the façade on the northwest elevation, which includes the prow of the building. This is the part of the building that is exposed to the impact of severe weather and has been affected by strong wind and heavy rain in the past.

"We will be completing specific design enhancements to the weather barrier that have been deemed necessary by the project architects. We are also reinforcing the enclosure’s fastening system in certain areas of the building, as recommended by the engineering team, to alleviate any potential performance concerns. The work requires the temporary removal of the enclosure’s metal panels in certain limited areas while enhancements are made, and will be noticeable.

"Mortenson stands behind its projects to make certain the facilities we build are operating as required and meet our customers’ expectations. This work is weather dependent and will take several weeks to complete. It will not disrupt any events or activities scheduled at U.S. Bank Stadium."

So, if you’re headed to the home of the Minnesota Vikings in the near future, there’s something to be aware of.