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Vikings Sign Defensive Tackle Chunky Clements

That’s not really his name, but we’re going to roll with it anyway.

Michigan State v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

On Friday, the Minnesota Vikings shuffled a couple of players on their defensive line, replacing one undrafted free agent with another. . .and upgrading significantly in the name department.

The Vikings signed defensive tackle Jarrod Clements. . .but everyone calls him “Chunky.” So, that’s what I will call him, because when someone that’s 6’2” and 295 pounds says you should call him a certain name, it’s in your best interests to do that.

Clements played his college ball at the University of Illinois, and in 46 games for the Fighting Illini he racked up 99 tackles (with 25.5 tackles for loss) and six quarterback sacks.

The Vikings waived defensive end Caleb Kidder, who had been with the team through the spring workouts, after signing Clements to the roster. It doesn’t appear that they had to, as by my count the team still only has 89 players on the roster. But, they made the move anyway.

Clements will report with the rookies and selected other players on Sunday, when the Vikings officially start Training Camp.