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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Starts Today

A few things you’ll need to know as well as how we’ll be handling our coverage

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have made it. Rookies will be reporting today, and we will be giving you full coverage of Minnesota Vikings’ Training Camp once again this year. I want to take a few minutes to detail exactly what you can expect from us this season.

First off, I want to tip everyone off to Arif Hasan’s annual Training Camp Guide, which is 121 pages of the best insight you’ll find going into this year’s camp. It gives you a look at every player, as well as a whole lot more coverage of the team as they head to Mankato. You can purchase it at the link above. . .money well spent to be sure.

Now, the team has allowed us to have our folks at camp for every single day of the session. We might not be able to have people get there for every single day, real life being what it is and everything, but we will have people in Mankato for most days of this year’s Training Camp.

We will have separate Open Threads for each day of camp (yes, even for the weekend sessions). The Open Threads for Training Camp will remain GIF-free, as people might be coming here to get information and insight as to what the team is doing on the practice field. (The usual daily Open Threads will be there for the normal chicanery.) In these separate Open Threads, we will have the Twitter feeds from the members of the DN staff that are in Mankato covering the practices.

On days that we don’t have anybody there, we’ll just have a Twitter feed from the Twin Cities media, a list that you can find right here. Keep in mind that, for the most part, these are the personal accounts of the people that cover the team, and therefore they might not talk about football 24/7. I know we’ve had people gripe about that in the past. Providing the general list of the writers, in my opinion, is the best way to get the most information out there. If you don’t want the off-topic tweets in there, then you’re free to follow the individual writers themselves.

We look forward to, once again, bringing you some of the best coverage of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp that you’ll find anywhere, ladies and gentlemen. We thank you in advance for choosing us to get your news and information from.