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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day 1 Open Thread


NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp
We might not be at camp today, but Case Keenum is.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The first practices of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp for 2017 are set to get underway here at approximately 10:30 AM Central time. There will be two sessions for today, one this morning and one this afternoon.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone at Winter Park today, so here is our list of Vikings’ media types. Some of them are at camp, some of them are not.

As I stated yesterday, some of these are the personal Twitter accounts for these folks. As such, they might occasionally post things that are not all football, all the time. If you have an issue with what they’re tweeting from their personal accounts. . .well, you’re wrong, not them.

Once again, we ask that there be NO GIFs in the Training Camp threads in case people want to come here and get information and track what’s going on in Mankato. Today’s regularly scheduled Open Thread is available for that sort of thing.

With that, folks, we’ve finally made it. Minnesota Vikings football for 2017 is now, officially, back. Enjoy!