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SB Nation Tries To Make Friends With Jared Allen

Because, seriously, you would, too.

We’re all big fans of Jared Allen around here, even though he wound up not finishing his career with the Minnesota Vikings. But, he did sign one of those one-day deals to retire with the team, so we pretty much accept him as one of ours.

The folks from the SB Nation mothership are attempting to get onto Allen’s friends list as well, as Will Buikema served as Allen’s caddy at last weekend’s American Century Championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe last weekend. (The same one that Vikings’ wide receiver Adam Thielen was participating in.)

The cameras follow Buikema and Allen around the course and documents Buikema’s efforts to win Allen’s friendship. Does he actually get there by the end of the video? Well, if I told you, you wouldn’t actually watch the video.

So, check it out. . .the video clocks in at around ten minutes. . .and let us know what you think.