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Mike Zimmer May Turn Defensive Play Calling Over To George Edwards

He discussed it during today’s press conference in Mankato

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Today, at the second day of Minnesota Vikings’ Training Camp in Mankato, Vikings’ Head Coach Mike Zimmer took some time to address the media, and we’ll have a full transcript of his Q&A in a later post, but there was one particular question that was asked that I want to bring attention to.

Q: Have you given any additional thought to having George Edwards calling plays? Will you have him call plays in a preseason game?

A: I’ll probably have him call one in a preseason game to see how it goes. I don’t know, I have not decided yet, no, totally for the season. I think it’d be good to practice in the preseason, see how it goes. See if it helps me to help other areas of the game. I’m kind of thinking that way but I haven’t decided yet, no.

That Zimmer would consider potentially ceding the defensive play calling to Edwards is a pretty significant step. Though Edwards has been the team’s Defensive Coordinator since Zimmer was hired in 2014, the defense is largely considered to be Zimmer’s baby. . .to the point where we almost forget that Edwards is even there.

Edwards got the opportunity to call the defensive plays when Zimmer missed a game last year with his eye issues, and in that game the high-flying Dallas Cowboys offense had one of their worst offensive performances of the season. It’s a small sample size, to be sure, but perhaps it’s a glimpse of what would be possible if Edwards were to be in charge of the Vikings’ defense on a full-time basis.

Is this going to lead to anything more significant than Edwards calling defensive plays in a preseason game? Nobody knows for sure. But, as I said, the fact that Zimmer is even considering it at this point has to be considered a pretty significant development.

We’ll have a full transcript of Zimmer’s press conference today coming shortly, and CCNorseman will be along with his recap from the Vikings’ afternoon session that he was in attendance for either later this evening or tomorrow morning.