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Climbing the Pocket: Paul Allen

Another podcast for your listening pleasure

Since there can never, truly, be too much Minnesota Vikings content available for consumption, we’re bringing your attention to another quality podcast for you to take a listen to.

Our own Yinka Ayinde (aka Saxyprince) is a part of a group of fans that is doing a podcast called Climbing the Pocket. They are on Episode 24 of the podcast, which you can listen to above. (If you would like to listen to other episodes, you can find them right here, or you can subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from.)

In this particular episode, the crew talks to Paul Allen. Yes, that Paul Allen, the radio voice of Minnesota Vikings football. There are other topics of discussion as well.

We. . .and by “we” I mean “Yinka”. . .will be keeping everyone up to date on new episodes of Climbing the Pocket every time a new one is available. Enjoy!