Eric on The BrakeDown on Bison 1660


It's that time of year to start talking Vikings all day every day, and I have been more than happy to oblige this week. I joined Keith Brake of Bison 1660 AM in my old stomping grounds of Fargo to discuss all things Vikings for about ten minutes on Wednesday afternoon.

We started by pouring one out for the last hurrah in Mankato as the team moves to their new digs in Eagan. Then we moved onto the big news of the day--the gigantic Everson Griffen contract extension. (It's a lot of cash, but I still think it could be a great deal as long as Griff produces for a few more years.)

Next we moved onto the running backs and how Latavius Murray starting on the PUP might open the door for Dalvin Cook in his rookie season. We touched on Arif's excellent zone blocking scheme article and how it might help improve the offense in 2017.

Finally, I gave my quick pick for Mr. Mankato. (Hint: It's Bucky's award to lose.) Click the link above to give it a listen, and thanks again to Keith & the crew at Bison 1660 for having me on again.