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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day Seven Open Thread

We’re too late for the morning session, but the afternoon practice awaits

Well, we missed the morning session of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp. . .damn lazy bloggers on the West Coast sleeping in again. . .but the afternoon session is still to come in Mankato, so we’re going to fire up the ol’ Open Thread machine for that just the same.

Nobody from DN is at Camp for us today, although ace photographer Thad Chesley is on hand to take over more incredible pictures for us. Our next actual reporting from Training Camp will come starting on Wednesday, 2 August, when Eric Thompson and Yinka Ayinde will join Thad in Mankato.

With that, here’s the Twitter widget for the Vikings’ media that is in Mankato today for camp.

Once again, we ask that there be NO GIFs in the Training Camp Open Threads for the benefit of those that are going to be looking for information on what’s happening in Mankato.

Training Camp has been on for a full week as of today, ladies and gentlemen. We hope you’ve been enjoying the coverage thus far, as well as what’s to come.