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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: 40s Recap

Another ten numbers down, another ten days closer to football

Chuck Foreman Picture courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

We have made our way through ten more numbers in our Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers series, as the 40s are officially in the books. Let’s take a look back at who wound up receiving the honor for each of those numbers.

#40: Jim Kleinsasser, TE

#41: Dave Osborn, RB

#42: John Gilliam, WR

#43: Nate Wright, CB

#44: Chuck Foreman, RB

#45: Ed Sharockman, CB

#46: Cullen Loeffler, LS

#47: Joey Browner, S

#48: Najee Mustafaa, CB

#49: Tony Richardson, FB

Got us a pretty healthy mix of positions here, including a second long snapper. I’m not sure if most teams would get one long snapper onto a list like this, but we’ve managed to get two. We’ve even got two players. . .back-to-back, no less. . .that played their college football at the University of North Dakota in Osborn and Kleinsasser.

That’s it for the 40s, ladies and gentlemen! We will be rolling out the start of the 30s in a little bit here.