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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day Eight Open Thread

More from Mankato today for you

Once again, the Minnesota Vikings are in Mankato today for a couple of practice sessions. The morning session will get underway in about half an hour or so, and the afternoon session will be taking place. . .well, this afternoon.

Nobody from DN is in Mankato for camp today, so we’ve got our Vikings Media Twitter widget here to provide all the relevant info.

Fortunately, this will be the last day of this year’s camp that we don’t have someone on the scene in Mankato. Tomorrow (1 August) is a day off for the players, and we will have Eric Thompson down there covering things for us from 2 - 5 august, with Yinka Ayinde joining him for the night scrimmage on the 5th. After the day off on the 6th, Warren Ludford and Sarita Kelly will be covering things for us during the final two days of this year’s Training Camp.

Once again, we ask that there be NO GIFs in the Training Camp Open Thread so that we can keep things flowing smoothly.

Training Camp continues from Mankato, folks. We’ll be doing what we can to bring you anything that develops from Vikings camp as soon as we can do so.