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Roughing The Podcast 25: We Went Camping Too!

Ted and Di recap what they saw over the weekend in Mankato

Luft Krigare

Roughing The Podcast was in Mankato this past weekend to observe the Friday and Saturday training camp practices for the Minnesota Vikings. There are a lot of things to talk about, so let’s get to it:

Di and Ted talked offense first, discussing each position group. With QB, it was Thoughts on Sam Bradford, and the surprising #2 QB behind him. Also, sad for Teddy.

At running back, both had strong impressions of Dalvin Cook (hint, GOOD strong impressions), and thoughts on what happens if Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon don’t get out on the practice field soon.

Wide receivers are a strong group, and there’s going to be a a pitched battle for the last one or two spots between three or four guys.

But all of that hinges on the offensive line. Will it be better than last year? Yeah, of course. Will it be great? They discuss.

Finally they wrap up the offense with a discussion on tight ends, and whether or not Di’s hate for Rob Gronkowski would be overcome if he somehow landed on the Vikings.

From there, it’s defense, and it all starts up front. The defensive line is going to be ferocious, and fun to watch.

From there, it’s on to the linebackers. They discuss the Kentrell Brothers injury, Anthony Barr bouncing back, and whether or not Eric Kendricks might actually be better than Barr.

Finally, they wrap up their camp observations with the secondary, and primarily the cornerbacks. Is it gonna be Mac Alexander or Terence Newman as the nickel corner?

As they switched gears and started talking contract extensions, there was a slight technical malfunction, but it was fixed and they continued on discussing all the latest contract extensions, and what it means for Sam Bradford.

Finally, they wrapped up the show with thoughts on Mankato, as the Vikings end their 52 year relationship with their long time training camp host.

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