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Training Camp Spotlight: Jarius Wright

Thad Chesley

The Vikings wide receiver group is more talented than credited. The acquisition of Michael Floyd has elevated the competition at the top, with Laquon Treadwell, Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. A player that should not be lost in the shuffle is one Jarius Wright. Wright signed a contract extension last season after being a reliable target for the Vikings since 2012.

When asked about how he is feeling Wright gave the clichéd “I am feeling great, and it’s the greatest I felt since I have been in the NFL.” With veteran receivers who are thought to have reached their peak, I felt compelled to ask Wright the of things he has worked on to get improve.

“Paying attention to the small things, and getting in and out of my breaks” Wright said with confidence. He mentioned spending more time with the quarterbacks to be on the same page, and doing more individual work with them. Wright knows the younger recievers look to him for advice, and he's helping them with route running, as well as blocking and blocking assignments.

It was clear from his demeanor that he has heard some of the criticism surrounding him, so when asked how he stays motivated he responded with “I’m a self-motivated type of guy, and the criticism from the outside is from the outside, and there is a reason they are on the outside, I continue to be me and that’s the reason I am still here.”

Wright has shown more than flashes of his old self, and wants to put the 2016 in the past, but still learn from it. He and Bradford have connected on a few deep shots, but Wright’s versatility has allowed him to move around the formation. He understands that he wasn’t as big of a factor last season, but it has motivated him to become an even better player to get more opportunities. With the preseason about to start, Wright can prove his worth to the Vikings again, and continue to let the outside noise “stay outside.”