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Roughing The Podcast 26: The Sky Really Isn’t Falling

Di and Ted break down the Bills game, discuss injuries, and discuss potshots by former players

Roughing the Podcast has returned, with episode 26, aka the Robert Smith or Antoine Winfield episode. Say, Di, what do those two guys have in common besides wearing the #26, and playing for the Minnesota Vikings? Anyone?

Anyway, in this episode, the dynamic duo discuss:

The Bills game kicks the show off, and they go into detail about the first team offense and their inability to move the ball. There were a couple of bright spots, or a bright spot, in Dalvin Cook. They also discuss the Bishop Sankey injury and the two stars of the game they selected: Case Keenum and Stacy Coley. Keenum led to a discussion about the backup QB, which became a Teddy v. Sam compare and contrast. Coley was a discussion that led to talk of wide receivers and the void that the Michael Floyd suspension leaves, and who will step up and grab it.

From there, they talked defense, and the ups and downs of the first string. The run defense needs work, but the pass rush looked to be in mid season form. They then talked about the injury to Trae Waynes, and how that could affect the secondary if this injury is more than a short term deal. Basically, we both wish the secondary had the depth of the defensive line, and the Vikes might need to make a move to get someone. They then talk about their defensive players of the game, which further made us sad about the defensive backs depth compared to the defensive line’s depth.

From there, we had a couple hot topics. The first was all the potshots that former players seem to take when they leave the Vikings. Is it more for the VIkings, or do other teams have the same issues, and as often? From there, they talked all the nagging injuries. Are we still worried about them? Should we worry about them?

After that, it was on to Seattle. Because it’s pre-season, our preview wasn’t like it is for the regular season, and we just discussed one thing on offense and one thing on defense we wanted to see.

Finally, as we always do, we end the show our favorite segment, listener questions.

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