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What's Teddy Bridgewater Thinking

Teddy Bridgewater has been relatively silent to the media on his thoughts going into 2017. Lately, Bridgewater has dropped some more obvious hints.

There has been speculation on what the Vikings should do with their quarterback situation. A loop hole was found that grants the Vikings the ability to toll his contract into 2018. The Vikings have been silent on the matter, but this is likely the option they want to give them flexibility.

Bidgewater in a tweet storm monday wrote a series of tweers that had a hidden message, when deciphered read... "time is on my side so watch me f**k the game up." This was very cryptic from Bridgewater and it got even more interesting Tuesday night

@JReidDraftScout speculated that the Vikings should definitely toll Bridgewater's contract. Bridgewater responded and understandably had Vikings Twitter in a frenzy

Bridgewater is probably not on board with his contraxt tolling and wants to play this year. After releasing numerous videos of him throwing this past offseason, Bridgewater is sending a direct, and at times indirect message; "I want to play this season"