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It’s game night, Vikings versus Seahawks

A quick description of what to look for in tonight’s game.

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
Stephen Weatherly tries to make the 53 man roster
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Vikings vs Seahawks Game Night

Tonight is the night to get this party started! Our beloved Minnesota Vikings have traveled to the Emerald City to face the Seattle Seahawks in the preseason game 2 of this 2017 season. This game is where the 1st string traditionally plays into the second quarter, however, don’t count on it, because Mike Zimmer has indicated that it may not be the case, due to taking precautions or for fear of injury. Some of you that know me, know that I'm very old-school when it comes to things like this. Though, I do not wish to see any injuries, especially unnecessarily, I do believe the team needs the actual on the field time and 100% go level of effort that preseason games afford. I’m hoping to see that tonight.

Speaking of which, game time is at 9 PM central, which for me is even later than that. Our dear leader already posted about where you can watch it, and most of you will probably be watching via the Minnesota Vikings local TV network, others via NFL Network, some streaming, and the rising generation that makes up our military over on Armed Forces Network. To those diehards, a hearty SKOL goes out and hopefully find yourself in a comfortable seat in a climate controlled room.

I went trolling for Vikings and Seahawks regular-season records, but this is the preseason and it doesn't really matter that Seattle is up 10 – 5. The last time the two teams met, last year, the Vikings lost in Minnesota. They did however, win their preseason game at Seattle last August 18 – 11.

It is early in the year and some folks are interested that currently the Seahawks are favored by around 4 points [give or take which website you look at], and the over and under is sitting right around round 40 points. That does not make for a high-scoring game but one where defenses dominate, and with these two teams that is to be expected.

Luft’s looks for the game are as follows:

  1. Have the 1s on offense generate some drives, to include completed throws more than 5 yards.
  2. Watch how the offensive line performs, especially knowing that Riley Reiff and Alex Boone are out.
  3. Pay attention to the starting linebackers, along with the rotational ones if any, while the 1s on the field.
  4. Watch the secondary and who’s playing where, just like the linebackers above.
  5. Enjoy watching the rest of the battles and positions for the remainder of the game.

This may be a late start tonight, but it is Friday. Woo hoo! Make sure you have your favorite food and libations available and hopefully some close friends.