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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: 20s Recap

Another ten numbers in the books as we approach the end of the series

Robert Smith
Sorry, Robert, you didn’t make it. But you were awesome on MST3K.

We have knocked out another ten numbers in our Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers series, ladies and gentlemen. The 20s have officially come to a conclusion, so let’s take a quick glance back at who got the call for each number in this stretch.

#20: Bobby Bryant, CB

#21: Terry Allen, RB

#22: Paul Krause, S

#23: Ted Brown, RB

#24: Robert Griffith, S

#25: Nate Allen, CB

#26: Antoine Winfield, CB

#27: John Turner, CB/S

#28: Adrian Peterson, RB

#29: Karl Kassulke, S

As you’d expect, nothing but defensive backs and running backs in this one, with the defenders winding up with a 7-3 edge. These are both positions that the Vikings have done relatively well for themselves at over the years, so it’s not surprising to see a lot of big names on this list.

That means we have moved into the teen numbers in our series, and we’ll be kicking things off with the number 19 here in just a little bit.