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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day Ten Open Thread

We are back live in Mankato, ladies and gentlemen!

Thad Chesley

After a brief hiatus, and a day off for everybody yesterday, we are back at Minnesota Vikings Training Camp, folks. We should have at least one person on the scene for every session for the rest of camp, so we’ve got that going for us.

Which is nice.

Today, and for the next three days, our own Eric Thompson will be in Mankato along with ace photographer Thad Chesley. Here’s Eric’s feed on the Twitters so that you can follow along with what he’s seeing in Mankato.

As usual, we ask that there be No GIFs in the Training Camp Open Thread so that people who are coming here to find out what’s going on at camp can do so without getting bogged down. The normal Daily Open Thread is available for that sort of chicanery.

With that, enjoy the first day of the home stretch of the final Minnesota Vikings Training Camp in Mankato, folks. One week from today, the Vikings will be getting ready to travel to Buffalo for the preseason opener against the Bills.