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Warren Moon talks Vikings QBs

Warren Moon discusses the Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater dynamic.

Former Vikings QB and football legend Warren Moon interview.
Warren Moon talks about the Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater dynamic.
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

How long until we see Teddy Bridgewater?

Our good friend over at the Pioneer Press, Chris Thomasson, had an interview with Warren Moon yesterday there were some interesting tidbits that came from it. Moon’s careers is legendary, and his time with Minnesota was greatly appreciated, so Chris [who does great work] thought he might ask him about the Vikings current quarterback situation that has Sam Bradford as the starter after Teddy Bridgewater, a year ago, blew his knee up on a drop back during practice. We’ve all seen Teddy’s recovery leak out from Bridgewater’s Instagram account, or from the Vikings Entertainment Network, and we know he is making progress, so Thomasson wanted to get Moon’s insights on the situation and if there is any thoughts on how the quarterbacks might feel about it.

“I’m sure there’s a little bit of uncomfortableness by both guys because they both have great respect for each other, I’m sure,” said Moon, a Seattle radio analyst. “Only one guy, unfortunately, can have the job.

“I think Sam’s going to get a chance to really show what he can do because probably Teddy can’t come back for the first six games if they put him on (the physically unable to perform list to start the season). So the Vikings will have a pretty good indication of which direction they want to go based on how (Bradford) starts the season.’’

This begs the question, what sort of start would be required before Vikings fans call for Teddy Bridgewater to start? Bradford has earned the starting spot per coach Zimmer, but at what point could that change? If in this scenario, if the Vikings are 6 – 0, obviously the cries for Teddy will be pretty moot which we all hope for, but if the Vikings are not undefeated, how many losses, or what sort of indicators from Sam will have Vikings fans screaming for Teddy?

Chris then went onto ask about Bridgewater’s health.

“People that I know that are really close to him say he’s not far away,’’ Moon said.

Getting off to good start is paramount for the Vikings this season.

Moon continued, “That will allow them more time for Teddy to get healthy. If Sam’s playing well, there’s no reason to rush Teddy back on the field. So it could be a win-win if (Bradford’s) playing well. Otherwise, there might be a tendency to rush Teddy out there if Sam’s not playing well, and you don’t want to do that either.’’

There it is again, if Sam isn’t playing well, how long before Vikings fans call for Teddy?

Even bench warmer Bob Lurtsema is even more optimistic about Teddy’s return thinking that he may be back sooner than later as Tweeted by JReidDraftScout. We have all heard Teddy is getting closer, but is he that close?

Lurtsema is thinking Bridgewater return is soon.
Bob Lurtsema commenting on Teddy Bridgewater’s return.

Whatever may be in the cards, or in case of today, the eclipse, we may find out sooner rather than later. …And rumors have it sooner.