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RTP 27: All These Flavors, And You Choose Salty

Ted and Di talk Seahawks, 49ers, and other topics

Roughing The Podcast returns, and both Di and Ted were in salty moods. And by salty, we mean ‘Ted was even more wrong than usual tonight’. In this episode:

Seahawks recap. Really didn’t care the Vikes lost, but was there any progress with the first team offense?

Ted bends the knee and proclaims Di was right about Pat Elflein over Nick Easton. Instead of getting up and bending the knee again, Ted just stayed on the ground and switched knees over their Stacy Coley vs Rodney Adams argument, because Ted’s back is killing him. We then laughed at Blair Walsh.

The first team defense went from abysmal to better, but we need a nickname for Mac Alexander. We came up with some good ones, if we’re being honest. Di then complained about the process for picking players of the game, and somehow Ted was wrong again.

From there, it was on to whether or not you would pay Sam Bradford the estimated franchise tag value of $28.5 million next year, and we also talked about the widening NFL National Anthem protests.

From there we did a quick preview of the 49ers, discussing the one thing we each want to see, and one player we’re going to be looking at. Finally, we finished the show with listener questions.

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