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Minnesota Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer: “Possibility” Teddy Bridgewater Could Return This Year.

While possibilities are nice, we won’t have a definite answer for another week.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

While it appears that Sam Bradford will be starting for the Minnesota Vikings this season, a return for Teddy Bridgewater may be closer than we think, or according to head coach Mike Zimmer there is at least a “possibility.”

Zimmer talked with Fox Sports Jay Glazer about Bridgewater’s steady progress, “... But you know during OTAs he was throwing the ball with the guys, he was moving around some. Every day he gets a little bit better. He believes 100 percent in his heart that he’s going to overcome this. There’s a possibility that he could get back this year.”

If Bridgewater does return this season his comeback would be amazing to see. This time last year people were saying there was a possibility he may not walk again. So if he does return to the field in any capacity this would be the feel-good story of the year.

Happy feelings aside, there is still the issue of his contract.

The Vikings have until September 2nd to decide about Bridgewater staying on the pup list. If he does, Minnesota will look at Bridgewater six weeks from the 2nd and reassess. And since no one is talking about what they will do with Bridgewater or his contract, we are now relying on internet rumors to get us by. So any word from anyone within the organization is good enough.

But until we get official word from the front office we’ll have to wait with baited breath and continue to argue amongst ourselves about who starts or who will go. But in the meantime, let’s enjoy this “possible” feel good story.