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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day 11 Open Thread

Yes, we are taking it up to 11

Thad Chesley

We are moving on to another day at Minnesota Vikings Training Camp, ladies and gentlemen. This is Day 11 of camp, though this is only the 10th day of practice due to Tuesday’s off day. It seems like camp just started, and now we’re on the verge of it being over already. The first preseason game is a week from today, and the team will break camp two days before that before their travel day to Buffalo.

Eric Thompson is once again on site in Mankato, along with ace photographer Thad Chesley. Here’s how you can follow along with Eric today.

As we always do, we ask that there be NO GIFs posted here in the Training Camp Thread so that things don’t get bogged down for those that might be looking for relevant information. The regular daily Open Thread is available for that sort of thing should you feel the need.

The purple continue their preparations for the 2017 NFL regular season, ladies and gentlemen. If anything breaking comes out of Mankato today, we will do our best to bring it to you as quickly as we can.