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Minnesota Vikings: Offensive Player Ratings

Pro Football Focus numbers after three weeks of preseason football.

Minnesota Vikings Offense evaluations
A look at the Minnesota Vikings offense after three weeks.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

How are they doing through 3 preseason weeks?

Our Minnesota Vikings have completed three weeks of preseason football. We have debated after watching the play how individual players and positions have been doing. Most of us have all heard of Pro Football Focus in their evaluation system. They evaluate every single player in every single play after every game. They have been putting out who are the best players of the game on a weekly basis, but in case you are curious, how have they been doing overall as a team. In this first installment I have created a graphic representation of their overall scores.

Looking at player grades after three weeks of preseason football.
A look at the Minnesota Vikings offensive side of the ball.
Graphic by Luft Krigare, numbers by Pro Football Focus

PFF uses a color coding system where blue is elite, green is either very good or good, yellow is fair, orange is poor, and red is bad. With this visual, I have also included a player’s overall rating, if they had one for 2016, just to their right of their overall preseason score this year. As you can see, some players have improved, and some have regressed.

Regression can be chalked up to a lot of different factors, or reasons, to include the fact that this is the preseason and we do not see the same preparation for games as we would during the regular season. In other words, things are Vanilla.

I just thought this might be a good starting point for conversation, and might point you in directions that you might want to watch in the final preseason game against the Dolphins on Thursday night.

Next post, the defense…