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Minnesota Vikings By The Numbers: #7

This means we’re a week away from regular season football!

Randall Cunningham #7

There have actually been quite a few players that have put on the number 7 for the Minnesota Vikings. But, when it comes to the best one in team history, there are two that pretty well stand out above the rest.

Before he became a star on the DIY Network, Fuad Reveiz spent some time moonlighting as an NFL kicker. He didn’t start out in Minnesota, spending four seasons with the Miami Dolphins and part of one with the San Diego Chargers before signing with the Vikings midway through the 1990 season. Reveiz actually had a pretty decent run with the Vikings, connecting on 77.8% of his field goals during his time in purple. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 1994, and set what was then an NFL record by hitting 31 straight field goals from 10 October 1994 and 17 September 1995. Pain in his plant foot caused Reveiz to hang it up after the 1995 season.

From there, after a couple of seasons, the number moved on to quarterback Randall Cunningham. Cunningham spent his early career with the Philadelphia Eagles, but had announced his retirement after the 1995 season and was actually laying tile in Las Vegas in 1997 when Dennis Green asked him to be the Vikings’ backup quarterback. He led the Vikings to a crazy 23-22 upset of the New York Giants in the 1997 playoffs, and was slated to be the backup again in 1998 until starter Brad Johnson went down with an injury.

Cunningham took over and helped to orchestrate a 15-1 record and what was then the highest-scoring offense in the history of the National Football League. The Vikings put up 556 points that season, and the team advanced to the NFC Championship Game before the season mysteriously ended before anything bad could happen. Cunningham could not replicate that success the next season, however, as he was benched for Jeff George after six games and was released by the team during the offseason. Cunningham had one great season for the Vikings. . .but, man, what a season it was.

I’d do honorable mentions for this one, but I don’t want the tears to start flowing like a late-night showing of Steel Magnolias after a couple of hours of drinking. (I mean, honestly, you have to be a robot not to cry at that movie anyway, am I right?)

Vikings that have worn the number 7:

  • Rick Danmeier (1977 - 1982)
  • Tony Adams (1987)
  • Fuad Reveiz (1990 - 1995)
  • Randall Cunningham (1997 - 1999)
  • Morten Andersen (2004)
  • Tarvaris Jackson (2006 - 2010)
  • Christian Ponder (2011 - 2014)

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow we will bring you the most completely, thoroughly, and utterly unproductive number in Minnesota Vikings’ history when we reach the #6.


Who is the greatest Viking to wear the number 7?

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  • 73%
    Randall Cunningham (1997 - 1999)
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  • 26%
    Fuad Reveiz (1990 - 1995)
    (269 votes)
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