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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day 12 Open Thread

Less than a week to go until the first preseason game

Here we see Teddy Bridgewater auditioning for the role of Carl Spackler in the Guthrie Theater’s musical adaptation of “Caddyshack.”
Thad Chesley

By this time next week, we’ll be talking about what happened in the Minnesota Vikings’ first preseason contest against the Buffalo Bills. For now, however, we are still in the throes of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp in Mankato.

Eric Thompson is once again on hand to watch everything that’s going on in Mankato today. You can follow along with him via his Twitter feed right here.

As we always do, we request that there be NO GIFs in the Training Camp Open Thread. That way things won’t get bogged down for folks that don’t regularly come here and are looking for camp news. The usual Daily Open Thread is there for that sort of thing.

Reminder that tomorrow is the big scrimmage at Blakeslee Stadium. . .the last one. Both Eric Thompson and Yinka Ayinde will be on hand for it, so we will bring you their feeds tomorrow.

Enjoy the Training camp coverage for today, folks!