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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day 15 Open Thread

We are just about to the end, folks.

This picture becomes much funnier if you imagine “Little Green Bag” by George Baker playing like the opening scene from Reservoir Dogs.
Thad Chesley

It is the penultimate day of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp for 2017. Or the second-to-last day. . .but, you know, penultimate sounds all fancy and stuff.

The practice schedule will be slightly different today. The team announced last night that the morning walk-through for today would be canceled, but the afternoon session is still on as usual. That means we won’t be getting any action until around 2:30 PM Central time.

For the final two days of camp, both Sarita Kelly and Warren Ludford will be in Mankato providing coverage for us. You can check out both of their Twitter feeds below.

Once again, we are asking that there be NO GIFs in the Open Threads for Training Camp. It keeps things from getting bogged down. The regular daily Open Thread is available for the usual shenanigans.

Again, only one practice session down in Mankato today, but we will have full coverage for you of that and any other news that might come out of camp.